Gi’s “mother” and the first among the Shaper race to seek out the ability to create True Born. Invoking a desire, something unheard of before, on the crystal heart of Creation, she was able to bring Gi into existence without imposing her will on the Light of Creation. This act changed her, allowing her to learn the words of Te and to assume a more physical form. It was said that her beauty in having a face was part of what drove the others of the Shaper race mad with envy.

She was slain when the Shaper peoples lead her near to the crystal heart with words of concern for the integrity of the delicate focus of the Light of Creation. Unknowing of their plot, she rushed to the crystal and tried to speak the word of mending she had learned from Gi. As she had just spoken the first syllable, Ihi, a Shaper drove a blade of aether through her chest. She fell to the ground and spilled the very first blood in Creation.

Upon seeing her body, Gi spoke the Unspoken and brought about The Shattering. Her body remains at the base of the crystal heart of Creation, forever in the arms of her beloved child Gi.

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