The Xyntal Empire encompasses most of the southeastern parts of Ithir and is home to much of the natural jungles and desert expanses on Ahn. It is often said the reason was because no one else had the good sense to try to live there. Indeed, of the three empires, Xyntal is often only spoken of with disdain.

Home to hundreds of werebeasts, cannibalistic tribes and nomadic raiders, Xyntal is one of the least organized and most savage of the Empires of Ahn. What few traders have reached it’s borders rarely come back alive and those that do often drop their charge and retire to the Archipelago of Breath.

Many of the border villages and cities are well defended and have had better luck with local trade. The tribes offer pelts and trinkets for the few tools and weapons they lack the ability to manufacture themselves. Despite this hostile reaction to outsiders, some tribes have helped to defend border cities from attack by armies or criminals.

Few cultural exchanges have been made with Xyntal and what has been learned largely centers around the brutality of their philosophy: Strength Above All. Their gods, rituals and even naming conventions all center around this single creed and they have successfully repelled any attack on their lands for hundreds of years, often displaying a unity unknown at any other time.

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