Born out of the rugged and colder northern reaches of Ithir, Stoneheart is an empire centered around three of the major dwarven mountain cities. While the southernmost areas are agriculturally focused, and provide many of the staple crops for all of Ithir, the north is roughly cut from the slate that makes up the mountain ranges of Ithir.

Here, the dwarves and other races pull valuable minerals and metals from the mountains and forge them into an array of tools and weapons. Masters of the alloy, the dwarven smiths are some of the few to rival the Onyx Serpent in creation of blades and arrows.

Remnants of stone cut from the mountains is often tossed to the Artifice Furnaces, strange natural and arcane hybrids that melt stone to be cast as if it were steel, and converted to building materials for castles, homes and the thick walls that border each city in Stoneheart.

The Empire is also home to the religion of Ahn, an overgod of creation. It is said that Ahn was the Light of Creation itself, and that when Gi shattered it, his motivation was jealousy and not revenge. It was the immutable nature of Ahn that created the world and he considers it his calling to watch over and bless it’s inhabitants. All monks of Ahn scour the world, searching for the lost words of Xe so that they may help restore Ahn to his rightful place and cast out the treacherous Gi.

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