Onyx Serpent

The Empire of the Onyx Serpent is one of the more technologically advanced empires. Encompassing much of the western shore of Ithir, it is home to many of the greatest schools, most skilled craftsmen and powerful wizards. Beneath all this, however, are the cultural chains of bondage.

Ruled by a strict caste system, there is no rising above one’s station. Ruling houses have been in their positions for thousands of years and the very fabric of the Empire is woven to keep them exactly in that place. Much of the population is not allowed outside of the major cities or to step away from the fields that maintain the Empire, should that be their lot in life.

Within the universities, the cosmos is explored through a narrow lens. Everything is interpreted to reinforce the noble facade of the Empire and it’s place as the cornerstone of all civilization. Few who have attended the schools there, walk away without a strong opinion on the nature of the Empire’s teachings.

Despite all of this, The Empire of the Onyx Serpent is also the only civilization to have produced personal weapons of great destructive power. Guns, cannons and even arcane powered devices keep the inhabitants safe and controlled. Attempts to trade for these secrets have fallen of deaf ears and many would pay good money for a peek at the designs of such awe inspiring arsenals.

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Onyx Serpent

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