Dominated by a massive stone wall carved out of the side of a mountain, Landsgate (aka Hotlanta or Craplanta) was a combined effort of traders and Dwarven engineering. The massive city exists as four major levels, one for incoming ships, one for storage and dry docks, one for lower class tenants and one for the nobility.

The bottom level is flush with the see and massive stone gates act as traffic control for incoming and outgoing ships. These gates not only grant access but each gate has a mechanically controlled current to guide the ship through the largely windless internal passages. Inside the massive cavern is a number of docks for mooring anything from a galleon to a schooner in addition to smaller private docks for the local fishermen. Goods from docked ships can be loaded or unloaded using the massive freight lifts at each major dock. Ships in need of repair or to be launched can also be physically lifted to the upper level using similar systems in the far end of the cavern

The third level is a sprawling labyrinth of warehouses, storage facilities, dry dock shipyards and assorted merchant offices and tax collectors. This is where most of the day to day operations get dealt with before goods leave the city or enter it. Stockpiles for the city’s private uses are stored in well-defended stone warehouses at the back of the level.

The second level is for lower class and peasant housing. Little farms dot the outer edge of the level, as this is the first one to be exposed to both sun and open air, and provide a portion of the city’s food. Further in towards the center, smaller huts and houses are tightly packed along the edge of winding roads that work their way up and down the level and to the gates of the first level.

The first level is solely populated by nobles, powerful merchants and the council of twelve that oversee the city’s operation. Many houses here have been carved out of the mountain, four and five floors high as a solid piece of stone. Others are build more mundanely but often comprise sprawling mansions with private gardens. The castle at the center of the first level houses the governmental bodies and was carved from a massive vein of marble found running through the mountain. It’s sinuous shape made general travel through it’s halls challenging at times but glass lifts on the outside offer a quicker way for people to travel about their business.

Despite the rather elaborate construction of the city, the best known aspect of Landsgate is it’s proximity to Yawning Bay and the major source of trade along most of the western coastline. It is one of the richest cities in Stoneheart and while officially has to answer to the king, it really operates as it’s own city state. With the volume of wealth pouring in and out of it, not many have the power to undermine their control.

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