Fanged Isle

Few people brave the Fanged Isle ever since it was claimed by the Xyntal Empire. Thick with natural jungles and wracked by harsh storms, the only rumored inhabitants are the werebeasts that are said to plague the survivalist culture of Xyntal.

Some sailors heading to southern reaches of Ithir have spoken of small boats traveling there from the mainland. Too small for trading but packed with warriors in full regalia. Whether it is a ritualistic hunt, a trail of strength or some other strange custom remains unknown as few wish to trade with the Xyntal Empire and even fewer are given the chance to speak for longer than a few moments when crossing their borders.

The isle itself is a few leagues south of the Archipelago of Breath and surrounded by a natural warm current from active volcanoes below the water’s surface. While this also provides the isle with a number of hot springs, it also sets an excellent climate for hurricanes and monsoons. Few sailors ever come close to the isle as the waves and jagged shores of volcanic rock will rend a ship apart in a matter of moments.

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Fanged Isle

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