Archipelago of Breath

Arching from the Yawning Bay is the Archipelago of Breath, a series of small islands dotted with fishing villages who provide much of the seafood for Eastern Ithir. Few of the villages stay inhabited year round, but rather pull in new labor in the early spring from the young men along the Lesser Dimak coast.

The men, and sometimes women, work for the summer months to bring in the abundant sea life in the warmer waters for a decent wage and a place to sleep. After the cooler winds of Autumn roll in, many return home and settle into another job until the next season.

Those that say do so mostly to maintain the fisheries and buildings needed to clean and gut the yearly catch. On the farthest island to the south, a village of venerable of Ahn’s peoples bask in the mellow winters and warm summers. Ships will often come to port on some of the smaller islands to resupply or barter for smoked fish and salted meat. Few farms exist, save for salt rice patties and seaweed farms just off the shore of the islands.

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Archipelago of Breath

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