It was said that before the now,
before the here,
there was only the Light.

Creation was a perfect state,
no pain or death,
and everything could be anything.

From this came the Shapers,
the hands that bent the light,
and cast the first shadows.

It was they who made the people,
in all their infinite facets,
and turned them to servitude.

One Shaper, wished to know,
what it was like,
to create true life outside of shadows.

They who were neither sex,
or neither shape,
this One became Her.

She, from the light of Creation,
drew a single child, Gi,
and held true life in her hands.

The others were fearful,
confused by the act,
and swiftly sought to bring her downfall.

On sword of ethereal steel,
under false pretenses,
She died and spilled first blood.

She who was without form,
Became as solid as earth,
And died with her new name, Ihi on her lips.

With death now on their blades,
and anger in their hearts,
They knew the Light no longer.

Where once they could bend and weave,
Now they could only grasp,
And warp the Light into darkness.

When Gi returned to find Ihi,
her new blood cooling on the ground,
he knew of grief and learned hate.

Drawing from that deep, dark well,
He drew Unspoken,
The blade that would shatter Creation.

At it’s center, he plunged Unspoken,
Deep into the heart of the light,
And sent it’s fragments scattering.

Beneath, they came to form Ahn,
A world of facets and shadows,
Ruled by fallen Shapers.

Yet all remember the Light,
All remember Creation,
And we are ever drawn back to it’s embrace.

Ahn, A Shattered World