Shards are a Shadow who has gained free will and a greater semblance of life. No longer bound to a Shaper, they are free to forge their own destiny in Ahn. Shards can be of any race or a creation wholly different from any other, as their Shaper decrees their form at creation. Many Shards live among other humanoids, basking in the glow of freedom or eager to interact with others who share the Light.

Their former state makes them uniquely perceptive of the rhythm and ebb of life itself and leads many to become healers. Some use this “sight” for nefarious purposes as well, the gift allowing them to perceive living things through walls and even over long distances with the proper training.

Despite their new-found existence, they still live under the pall of their Shaper. A fragment of their past reminds them often of their bondage and, in the presence of a Shaper, they find it difficult to function freely. Often a Shaper will seek out Shards, often to use in experiments to better understand how the Light chooses them for ascension.

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