Shapers are the closest to Demigods who wander the earth. Of the hundreds that existed before The Shattering, only three are known to still live. Each Shaper possessed the ability to bend and mold the Light of Creation to achieve nearly impossible feats, even beyond conventional magic. Despite this, they cannot create True Born or any form of independent life, they can only create a Shadow.

The Shapers control the three major empires of the world; Stoneheart in the north, The Onyx Serpent to the west and Xyntal to the east. From hidden temples and sealed rooms, they vie for a path back to creation and throw Shadow and Shard at each other in petty grabs for power.

In appearance, a Shaper can be anything they desire. Neither male nor female, they are only barely physical beings. Many Shapers take on a godly appearance, either awesomely beautiful or terrifyingly dangerous. They speak often in booming voices and rarely take audiences with anyone. Many are thought of as just myths and because of this, they have taken more active roles to keep their worship alive. Gi’s curse ties them to this plane and forces them to seek out the worship of a Shard or True Born to keep them from fading into nothingness. Indeed, it was only the Light of Creation that kept them whole before.

While forces more powerful exist above them, especially now that they are not bathed in the Light of Creation, they seek out as much worldly power as possible to keep them whole. Many daily spirits and house gods are actually Shapers seeking new worshipers to keep them alive.

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