Shadows are half-life automatons created by a Shaper through manipulation of the Light of Creation. Possessed of only a rudimentary intellect, they act with unwavering obedience and dedication to their Shaper cause. Shadows cannot be reasoned with or manipulated. They are a fragment of their Shaper and their will made manifest.

Shadows can be created in any form, though a Shaper may have personal preferences for their servants. They only barely exist in the physical world and so can pass through cracks and crevices with ease. They shy away from strong sources of light. Though it does not seem to harm them, it’s been speculated that the light reminds them of their near non-existence and triggers a preservation instinct.

Shadows also never speak unless it is as a mouthpiece for a Shaper. In Ahn, Shadows are often the shock troops of a Shaper and are often used against another Shaper or against the Shard and those few True Born. Shadows, through unknown rituals or seemingly unpredictable moments, can become imbued with a greater portion of the Light of Creation and become a Shard.

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