Races of Ahn

Ahn is populated by four major “races”.

The first are the Shaper peoples, cast off demigods from the Light of Creation. They eek out their existence through the worship of their “lessers”.

The second are the Shadow race. A Shadow is not considered a living being, but is a magic construct of darkness made by a Shaper.

Then there is the Shard people. Formerly a Shadow in service to a Shaper, a Shard becomes a fully realized person under unusual circumstances. While now capable of existing on their own, they are often constantly watched by their former masters.

Finally, there are True Born, the only natives of Ahn as they were born from its creation. Children of two parents, they are capable of great feats of magic and the free will to be the biggest force of change on Ahn.

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Races of Ahn

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