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Born of an ancient war and haunted by the lost dream of a perfect existence, Ahn is a world forged of fragments. The Shaper, the demigods of Ahn, carve out spheres of influence and war against each other for dominance and power. Beneath them are the Shadow, serving their masters in all things. Finally, there are the Shard, eeking out their own existence in a tumultuous world and the True Born, forging their destinies through their will alone.

Ahn has three major spheres of influence, Stoneheart, The Empire of the Onyx Serpent and Xyntal, each controlled by a Shaper.

It is manipulated through the magical languages of Te and Xe.

Despite the power wielded by a Shaper, they pale before the First True Born Gi, the last living soul in Creation and the wielder of Unspoken. He is also the one who cursed the Shaper race with Shardshame.

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