Ahn's Belly

The southernmost island chain on Ahn, much of the land mass is covered with sheets of ice, sleet and snow. Surrounded by icebergs and with only one land bridge, Ahn’s Belly is only sparsely populated along the coast since few are willing to make the trek. While the warm water fish of the Archipelago of Breath are abundant, nothing beats the fish of the Belly for sheer size.

Longer than the average human and thick with oil rich flesh, ice fishing along the Belly’s coast can provide a traveler with a pocket full of coin quickly. That is, if they can survive 9 months of the darkest winters and temperatures cold enough to freeze a man solid in three breaths. With so few ships willing to risk the trip, many fishermen hire caravans to travel south to move their bounty to the more populated kingdoms in the north.

The only pass, known as the Aching Hand, is little more than a thin strip of land barely above sea level. While the ice normally keeps the waters calm, when the summer months move in, waves often crash over the sides and render the way impassible. Long time residents have found ways to keep themselves supplied through these lean times but somehow, there are always fewer fishermen after a long summer than were there before.

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Ahn's Belly

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