Detached eladrin noble who sees far more than he understands.


Class: Warlock (Star Pact Hexblade), Bard
Level: 1
Race: Eladrin
Alignment: Unalgined
Backgrounds, Auspicious Birth/Born Under a Bad Sign, Noble, Touched by the Light
Theme: Courtier

Strength: 8
Constitution: 11
Dexterity: 10
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 20

Feats: Bardic Ritualist
Trained Skills: Arcana, Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight, Intimidate, Streetwise


Eladrin_Stars.jpgMalachi came into this world as the unwanted third son of Gareth Heartsong, Duke of Rimerose, Marquess of Shadowpond, Margrave of Hoarfell, Count of Frostpoint. As is the tradition among eladrin nobility, the stars were consulted at his birth and returned conflicting answers – not just conflicting, but they seemed to shift and move. Was this an auspicious sign, or a dire warning? Being an ambitious and practical man, Duke Heartsong saw an opportunity – the potential for a powerful piece on the board if played correctly.

His mother, Melinda Starling Heartsong, Marchioness of Snowden, encouraged him to distance himself from any pursuit which could be misconstrued as having some interest in the succession of the Heartsong family from a young age. After nearly succumbing to a wasting poison, young Malachi readily agreed. If he was the intended target, or an unfortunate interloper still remains a mystery. Though he survived, the poison forever left its mark – once hale and nimble, Malachi found himself weakened and easy prey for his peers and elders. It was during this time he found a passion for music and learned the courtly skills which would be vital to his survival as he matured in this subtly dangerous world.

It did not take long for Duke Heartsong to decide his youngest son would be better served at an academy suitable for an eladrin of his heritage. One away from the women of the court and where he would not get any ideas about his place in the family. The Academy of the Five Elements became his new home and would remain so for many years to come.

There Malachi excelled in his studies, having a natural talent for magic common to eladrin and his family. His natural charisma and the skills he learned at in the court of his family served him well, though sometimes his physically inclined peers would engage in their baser instincts and things would end quite poorly for the young eladrin. That is until he met Katara.

She was nearly everything he was nor. Where he was charming, she was intense and intimidating; he was cerebral and she was quite physical; she had horns and a tail, he… did not. She was also more than willing to bring her considerably talents to bear when everyone needed to chill out. In the young elementalist, he found what he had missing to make his days at the academy complete: a very willing thug.

Despite everything going well, it wasn’t enough. There was too much of the Heartsong ambition in young Malachi and he wanted more. Since he was attending a prestigious magical academy, this inevitably led to aimless research into forbidden texts – there had to be something in them, or they wouldn’t be forbidden. There he found new magical forumlae and because he was young and convinced of his immortality – nothing could possibly go wrong- he used them.

This may have been a big mistake.

His world shattered. The precocious eladrin was flooded with fragments of time, memories not his own – memories not of anyone. Visions without context drove him to the brink of madness. In these visions he witnessed the world break apart; blinding light coruscating through the darkness. It was a sound that made his bones shudder and threw him to his knees. All of this in a moment.

When he came back from the edge, everything seemed the same. Everything except Malachi. Where he was once warm, he was now detached and cold. His eyes, once indigo orbs, now sparkle as the night sky. There are moments when he sees something not quite right, or something he swears he has seen before. He has kept the information, to try to decipher its meaning. He still don’t quite know exactly what he saw and every time he tries to remember, his gut rolls and has a splitting headache.

He continued and barely completed his training as a bard, where he was once the best in his class. Instead, he worked in secret to develop a very different set of powers which he is still only beginning to understand; a sword forged in the stars of dreams and nightmares, sparkling lights on the blackened void. Its beauty compels just as the inky black terrifies him.


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