Spoiled tiefling noble with a fiery temper and icy demeanor.


Class: Sorcerer (Water Elementalist)
Level: 1
Race: Tiefling
Alignment: Unalgined
Backgrounds: Indulged Scion, Sister of Ahn
Theme: Alchemist

Strength: 8
Constitution: 18
Dexterity: 13
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 18

Feats: Staff Expertse
Trained Skills: Arcana, Bluff, Intimidate, Nature


Tiefling05.jpgAs the second daughter of Marquess Karnass Hellstromme of Northreach, Count of Grengarden, Katara has wanted for little in her life. The last child of his first wife, Lady Chalessa Hellstromme, she has lead a tumultuous life. When she was quite young, Lord Hellstromme would dote upon her as the connection to his late wife who passed shortly after giving birth. Young Katara would spend as much time with her father as possible.

When Lord Hellstromme’s duties to the Empire and church came first, her life began to change. The Hellstromme’s had a close connection to the church and it was expected for them to produce many heirs, particularly to entire into its service. He married Lady Indirca Vertesh to cement an alliance with her family. The Lady was everything she should be to her husband, but had little use for the children of his late wife. In particular, the new Lady Hellstromme disliked Katara and the connection she shared with her father.

With each passing day, it was remarked how much the young Lady Katara looked like her mother, the late Lady Hellstromme. This fact was not lost on her father or stepmother. For both it was a constant reminder of her mother, though each received it differently. The pain and loss returned to her father each time he saw her, feeling the grief anew, while Lady Chalessa saw only an ephemeral rival, still presiding over her home from beyond the grave.

While it was Lady Chalessa’s idea, Lord Hellstromme agreed – Katara would attend the Academy of the Five Elements. Lord Hellstromme, at his wife’s subtle urging, felt this would finally give him the room to grieve properly, while she would use this opportunity to cement her rule and lineage.

Katara had always possessed a gift for manipulating the elements. She could speak with them and they would listen to her, in particular she had an affinity for water. The cold outdoors of Northreach were her favorite, and she would spend hours outside in her own, personal winter wonderland.

The Academy was a shock to her, taken away from her beloved home and stuck with a bunch of stuffy noble children. She had little interest or time for their nonsense. It did not take long for her to become a manipulative bully – at first it was just to get them away from her. Then she found how she enjoyed it. Being cast from her home and beloved father had twisted her and left a hole.

It was when she met Malachi, she may have found what was missing. He was smart, weak, and beautiful. Also, terribly strange. Without her, he was like a baby bird and would suffer the predations of their terrible classmates. When he would lose her temper and encase the offender in ice, he would always smooth things over. A very useful baby bird, indeed.

Recently, she helped him gain access to a forbidden text for reasons of blah, blah, blah. She did it because it was a challenge and fun. Something happened, though, and now her friend is different. After graduation, she was supposed to return home, but she was terrified to find out if there was even a place for here there anymore. If it was still actually home and held any joy left.

Instead, she decided to travel with Malachi and keep an eye on him. Someone needs to keep the baby bird safe. Especially from himself.


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